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It’s a beautiful fall day in Akron, Ohio what are you building? As Executive Director of Launch League I ask myself and our team, “What are we building?” every day. A community is something to behold, long lasting and resilient if it is designed as such but can be temperamental and fidgety in her infancy. The question is asked daily, “what is Launch League?” and our answer is refined just as often as it is asked. We are a community, not in the geographical but in the interactional sense. We are a group of people who have decided that we will not wait for other people to build what we know has to be done to make our city great, build great companies that change the world. This is no small task and we are not small minded people, but pretenders and dreamers and most of all believers. We have declared our intentions secured our alliances and now we go, ever forward, and do what so many great men and women have done before. Build great big things.

Launch League like all big things is starting small, micro in fact, with our Micro-Communities initiative which is once a month meetings for people interested in networking and improving their skills with like- minded individuals in Front End Development and Hardware/Maker communities. We will bring you all together for a once a month dinner to discuss what we’ve learned in our Micro-Communities over a meal and share ideas on how to build the next big company. Other Micro-Communities are coming together and if you would like to volunteer to help be a Community Chair for Marketing, UX/UI, Back End Development and Operations, Business Operations, Investing, Business Development and Sales, Big Data.

SPACEWALK 2015 was a resounding success, over 15 companies and 70 people attended and explored some really amazing office space offered in downtown Akron. Proving there is affordable and possible to build your company in a great place with fantastic amenities that is only getting better as more and more companies pour into the downtown environment. The reception, hosted on the 16th floor of the PNC Tower exceeded our expectations with amazing music provided by DJ Roger Riddle and our announcement of the Declaration of Innovation and our Micro-Communities initiative. We cannot thank Downtown Akron Partnership enough for not only their role in making SpaceWalk 2015 happen but for all they do to make Downtown Akron the most amazing place to start a business.


We are unbelievably thankful to our funders and partners without organizations like The United Way of Summit County, Burton D. Morgan Foundation and John S. and James L. Knight Foundation we would not be able to achieve what we have so far. Without community partners like the Akron Global Business Accelerator, Bit Factory, ECDI, JumpStart and The University of Akron we would not be building a true community but most importantly you, the founder, the reader, the doer and thinker we are most humbly entrusting Launch League. We are your vehicle.

Rick StockburgerWelcome To Launch League

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