Our Look Is Evolving

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A lot has changed since Launch League was formed and our original logo was created. We’ve gone from a scrappy group of founders to, well a scrappy group of founders who can pull off one heck¬†of a conference ūüėÄ

So why spend time on an updated look? Because in true startup fashion, a year and a half ago I threw together a logo and called it good when¬†we needed something other than an egg on our twitter account. What’s amazing is that¬†after just two quick years,¬†that thrown-together logo no longer reflects what Launch League is. We’re not just two guys with a crazy¬†idea anymore. We’re a community who¬†dreams¬†big and also gets it done.

While we’re still a group of founders building things for founders, we’ve pulled together some of the absolute best talent in the area through our microcommunities. A logo that represents the quality of our talent and events was desperately needed.

So today we’re happy to introduce our¬†new logo that reflects what we’ve evolved into. We can’t thank Bradley Elliott enough for his help with this. He’s one of the more talented designers around (he also did the logo for Flight) and we’re lucky to have him running our Akron Design Meetup.

We worked with Bradley¬†to come up with three logos for use in different situations. The first version is a small icon image that’s¬†perfect for use in small spaces¬†where we just need a Launch League stamp type of mark. You’ll see this logo used at a number of our events on handouts and other printed materials that are associated with the Launch League brand.

The second size will be used across most of Launch League assets (website, social media, meetup.com groups, etc.). It’s essentially an extended version of the icon sized logo.


The final version is one that will be used when we have a bit of space and can show off a bit more. You’ll see this one around banners at our larger events.


Nicholas PetroskiOur Look Is Evolving