Must-Have Marketing Tools: Daily Edition

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To say I love finding new apps or services to make my life easier is an understatement; I actively seek out ways to simplify my life. Learning about new ways to do something is exciting and when you find that perfect solution it is amazing.

Here are a few of the tools I use to help make my job easier every day the tried and true!

To start my favorite and most used tool is… drumroll… Google. I have several accounts I manage and Google makes it easy to have everything in one place. My top Google picks are Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Analytics.

Chrome add- on’s:

There are so many add-ons you can get for your browser.  Here are some of my favorite that I use many times a day:

Rapportive. This add-on shows Linkedin profiles in your Gmail. When you enter a contact’s email address, information about them will populate on your sidebar. This is great to gather information about new contacts or for a quick reference about your contact. I also use this to confirm I have the correct email in a quick visual manner.


Just not Sorry. This add-on warns you when you write emails using words which undermine your message by underlining them in a red dotted line.  That line does not show up for the receiver of the email, it is just a subtle reminder to write direct and with confidence.


Grammarly.  Online proofreading tool that checks texts for grammar, punctuation, and style, and features a contextual spelling checker and plagiarism detector. It is a great tool to use across all of your platforms to make sure your spelling and grammar are on point!

Daily tools:

With multiple screens, accounts, and projects, I am constantly switching gears. The following are some basic tools I use to stay focused and simplify my workflow as I knock out the to-do list.

Trello– Create boards with a list of lists, filled with cards, used by you and your team to tackle and track any size project. I use the free version to manage projects, personal to-do lists, social media for various accounts and event management.

Tomato Timer– any Pomodoro timer will work. I use these when I need to get back on track and retain my focus. I accomplish significantly more on days when I use this simple little timer than on days I don’t!

Harvest– simple time tracking, fast online invoicing and powerful reporting software. This is a great tool for freelancers that need to track their time and send invoices. They offer a free version to get you started, and sync to many different types of accounting software as you grow!

Buffer– Schedule, publish and analyze all of your posts in one place, for several different social platforms. I love this for scheduling on Twitter. My favorite feature is being able to use Buffer directly on Twitter, this allows me to spend less time on the platforms while still being active throughout the day.

What are your favorites?! I would love to know what tools you turn to daily!

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Meghan GoetzMust-Have Marketing Tools: Daily Edition

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