Micro-Community Introduction: Front End Development

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The front end development community is an inclusive group focusing on the education and development of the skills of those interested in front end development. Whether you’re an experienced programmer, or you’re new to the world of code, all are welcome.

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As the world continues into this new millennium, Akron has become a budding field for the tech industry. With spaces like the Akron Accelerator and OSC TechLab, the number of organizations offering services aimed at capturing and cultivating the interests of those who are curious about technology and development in the digital world is growing faster than ever. These communities offer the technical resources and professional know-how to help anyone from the common person to the experienced developer achieve their tech goals.  

For those who are unaware of what front end development is, it is a broad term that encompasses the design, development, and functionality of a client-side web application. Everything that you see in the browser, and the way it acts, in included in the interest range of the group.

Meet the Organizers

Byron Delpinal

Byron Delpinal: Byron focuses on all things functional and reliable at a local design and development agency, Coffee and Code. He is a software developer by trade and passion and has been a member of several small to medium sized development teams in the Akron / Canton area. Prior to his position at Coffee and Code he has focused on projects ranging from embedded medical device systems to large scale enterprise applications and everywhere in between. As a firm believer in efficiency and organizational structure he focuses on delivering quality software that is easily maintainable and understandable for the teams that he works with. With an engineering background he has competed in and won awards in problem solving, robotics, and entrepreneurship competitions through IEEE, Robogames, SparkAK, and The National Robotics Challenge.

Kevin WirthKevin Wirth: Cofounder, front end developer, and designer at a local Akron startup, WastebitsKevin learned his first computer language at age 13. He was having so much fun exploring what he could build on the web that it never occurred to him that it was the start of his career as a developer. In high school he attended a two year trade school for Microcomputer Systems Management. Following high school he attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and received a Bachelors of Science in Product Design. His background in design, fabrication and computer science gives him a diverse way to think about solving problems.

Bronlynn Thurman
Bronlynn ThurmanBronlynn works for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, GAR Foundation, The Devil Strip and is a freelance designer. Starting in late April, Bronlynn will help plan events, review grant proposals, and manage existing grants for the Knight Foundation. She will also be a Contract Program Assistant for GAR Foundation where she will be working on grant write-ups. For The Devil Strip, Bronlynn is the Arts section editor. In addition to editing, she also writes, takes photographs, and is one of the many cartoonists whose work appears in the paper. In the freelance world, Bronlynn focuses on branding and poster design. She is currently broadening her skills in front end development.



Each of these community leaders bring their unique set of skills to the group and will share their perspectives on the field. We look forward to meeting you all and building a community that helps cultivate an environment of learning and innovation in our city.


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*The header image uses an icon downloaded from the FreePik web application. You should support them because they seem cool.

Byron DelpinalMicro-Community Introduction: Front End Development

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