Meet Jon at Flight – Creating the perfect founder agreement

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Creating the perfect founder agreement

Jon will be leading a discussion on how to create the perfect cofounder agreement. They will go over things like roles and responsibilities, equity ownership, vesting, and others.

Jon is a partner at Thompson Hine and has extensive experience working with founders and startups from company formation, all the way through funding and exits. He is among a new wave of attorneys who has built a practice out of tailoring age-old legal practices to the fast-paced needs of high-growth companies. As the leader of Thompson Hine’s Northeast Ohio emerging companies practice, Vinocur works with entrepreneurs to streamline the processes of starting a company. Central to that approach is a fixed-fee startup program, called QuickLaunch. He and his team have assisted dozens of enterprises, including Scout RFP, StreamLink Software, Cleveland Whiskey, Complion and inTouch.

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Nicholas PetroskiMeet Jon at Flight – Creating the perfect founder agreement