Launch League Honored with Continued Support from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation

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Sometimes you have to take a step back from the excitement of a growing startup-community and say “thanks” to the organizations that make it all possible. Since 2014, Launch League has been making Akron the place to build a scalable startup by creating a startup ecosystem. Our mission to attract, engage and connect talent to startups to support economic development has been supported by the Burton D Morgan Foundation since 2015. The result of this support has been incredible. In 2016 alone:


Founders, investors, early stage employees, and support orgs. were served by Launch League.


People  registered for the second //NEXTOhio Conference, which was powered by Launch League


Members (including the Mayor)  donated a day of their time to help make Akron a better place at Hack N Akron in September


Inaugural Startup Career Fair was held in October – leading to internship and co-op placement for University of Akron students at Akron Startups.


Opportunities were given for making connections and sharing resources at Techtini Tuesdays


Founders, artists, and tech professionals attended Hack The Arts in May – a networking event to bring together the tech & arts community


Founders, support orgs, investors, and early stage employees attended Flight the FIRST Midwest Regional Startup Conference in December


Microcommunities were launched to attract, engage, and develop talent in Akron

Today, I am excited to announce that Launch League is the recipient of continued support by the Burton D Morgan Foundation (read more HERE). This support will enable continued programming and operations for Launch League, impacting hundreds of founders in the area. On behalf of Launch League, I’d like to thank the Burton D. Morgan Foundation and all of the great people that support it for investing in economic development in Akron.

Launch LeagueLaunch League Honored with Continued Support from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation