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Hack N Akron is a civic hackathon put on by Launch League to help the City of Akron and its residents create a place where we all would like to live. A hackathon is an event where groups of people come together to create new and interesting solutions to challenges. In this civic hackathon, these challenges are provided by the City of Akron and Launch League and are focused around growing Akron into the type of city we aspire to be. While most hackathons are tech based, we are broadening ours to include multiple disciplines because we believe that when you bring a diverse set of people together, with the goal of bettering our city, the results will be truly transformative.

The Projects You Can Work On

Launch League is bringing together a bunch of Akron’s tech, business, and design talent with city officials and citizens to solve some of the city’s biggest challenges.

Neighborhood Branding

Open City Data

Community Learning Center Booking

From the Center for Community Progress: The purpose of neighborhood marketing is to build a positive image that attracts the desired investments of time, money and energy that support the neighborhood’s revitalization goals. Successful neighborhood marketing is very clear about what it hopes to accomplish, who its target markets are, and the messages that will cultivate the desired response from those target markets.

By solidifying the various neighborhood’s identities and bringing organized neighborhood leadership together we expect this will allow our communities to better engage, attract, and retain residents thus boosting Akron as a whole.

Open data is a repository of standardized data that is easily accessible, searchable, and relatable to the public. Using the momentum from our last hackathon we were able to create a system that imports all of the data that we received into our new Open Data system! A successful hackathon will yield three things:
1. A way to make all of that data available to other software developers and platforms through a public API.
2. The beginning of the official “Akron City Health Dashboard” – A dashboard that we will be adding to as we continue to consume more data from the city.
3. An innovative, new application that will be brainstormed and implemented by a select group of our volunteers that will be assigned to our “innovation” team.

Community Learning Centers (CLCs) provide state-of-the art classroom facilities to students. Beyond this, CLCs can also be booked and used for recreation, adult education, after-school and summer school programs, and a wide variety of community activities. Currently, the booking process for these great community assets is not available online. By bringing CLC booking to an easy-to-use web interface, CLC bookings will be better-advertised to community, booking will be faster, booking calendars will be viewable, and payments can be streamlined. By tackling the CLC web-presense at Hack N Akron, we hope to see great utilization of these facilities for the benefit of Akron residents.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to work on something interesting and impactful. It doesn’t matter what your background or skill set is. All skills are needed.

Community representatives to guide us,
City officials to help implement the solution,
Developers to build the technology,
Designers to make it look good,
Marketers to promote,
Business minds to scale,
and, every kind of subject matter expert for specific project focus.

If you want to be a part of creating something interesting that makes a difference for our community, this is the place for you.


Event Content

8:00 am Doors open
8:30 am Breakfast & Welcome
9:00 am Team Intros
12:00 pm Lunch
5:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Demo to City Officials
8:00 pm After Party

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

Hack N Akron is made possible by these firms who care deeply about the success of the city and the ways we can all shape our future by becoming more involved!

2017 Gold Level

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

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