Hacking Akron For Good!

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Launch League began as an idea to connect founders and create a supportive startup ecosystem in Akron. With the help of our amazing community we are able to help in more ways than ever!

Our community has over 800 highly trained, smart, talented individuals, that together can make a tremendous impact on any project they tackle. We are committed to highlighting this talent, and showcasing the skills we have right here in our own community. Through skill-based volunteering, we are able to help create opportunities for our city to grow and become a destination for other talented individuals.

The best part, the City believes in this idea and is open to future opportunities of collaboration. We are so lucky to have such an amazing community at Launch League, and excitement from our city and Mayor.

Thank you … to our community, to our team, to our volunteers, to our supports, to our partners, to anyone that has helped Launch League in any way. We do this for the community and we are beyond excited for the future.

Today we had the opportunity to present to the city the progress of our Hack N Akron efforts and talked about future opportunities.

Learn more about the Hack N Akron events here

Did you know Akron is home to the largest Midwest Startup Conference, Flight? If you are interested in learning about startups, growing your current skill level, or meeting the influencers in this community, sign up today!

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Nicholas PetroskiHacking Akron For Good!