Get ready for one heck of an after party!

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Thanks to New Territory and Thompson Hine, our Flight after party is going to be one seriously amazing experience!

We’ve partnered with a new virtual reality arcade to help take the Flight after party into the stratosphere! Together we’ve got a DJ who will be mixing in VR, a local artist designing 3D objects in VR, an HTC demo that you’ll get to try, a mobile VR experience, and an augmented reality demo you can try with the Microsoft HoloLens.

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Here’s a message from them on why they’re excited to work with Flight!

We’re New Territory, a first of its kind virtual reality arcade and development studio aimed at sharing virtual and augmented reality with our Northeast Ohio community and beyond. By day, we invite businesses and developers to share, create, and cultivate the power of virtual and augmented reality with us. This cutting edge technology has the potential to only increase a company’s productivity, employee safety, client base, and earning potential. By night we open our doors to the community to allow anyone to experience, learn, and be entertained and inspired by virtual reality.  We strive for New Territory to be the standard for customer service, providing superior support to all clients from major corporations to first time gamers. Virtual reality is meant for everyone, and we want to be the source to create and share it.

When asked to be the hosts of the after party at Flight 2017, we were excited to bring a unique chance for attendants to really see the full extent of what VR and AR technology has to offer (spoiler: it’s way more than just gaming). The event will include five stations.  We’ll have a DJ mixing in VR, a local artist designing 3D objects using the Oculus Rift, an HTC Vive demo for everyone to try, a mobile VR experience with the Google Daydream platform, and an augmented reality demo with the Microsoft HoloLens.

We are excited to be part of the Akron small business community! This city is filled with incredible people doing innovative work in tech, art, education, marketing and more. With the help of Launch League, these innovators now have a network to contribute to and gain support from, while they grow their businesses and better their neighborhoods.

We want to thank New Territory and the awesome people there who make it happen for partnering with us! We also want to extend a huge thanks to our after-party sponsor Thompson Hine, without whom we wouldn’t be able to pull off such an amazing event!

Nicholas PetroskiGet ready for one heck of an after party!