Front-end Development May Meeting Recap

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Front-End Development Micro-community Vol. 2

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On Monday, May 23rd, Akron’s Front-End Development Micro-community met again to discuss four new topics: CSS Purge, Creating a WordPress Plugin, HTTP/2, and responsive email templates. The meeting was a blend of experienced coders and several self-described “newbies.” This mix allowed the newbies the chance to reach out and ask questions. The lightning talks ranged from semi-basic to a little more involved.

Kevin Wirth giving a talk about CSS Purge


Kevin Wirth, co-organizer, spoke about CSS Purge, a website that compares the amount of CSS used on various websites and examples of how sites were paired down. This tool is quite helpful when trying to visualize how busy, specific, or bloated your styles are. It helps to provide milestones of larger, more well-known websites as well when comparing your own. This acts as sort of a “benchmark” of style rules.

When it comes to website bloat, CSS Purge is a great way to identify and remove overly specific and unused styles.



Alex Standiford takes the group through his experience when creating the Easy Beer Listener plugin for WordPress.

Alex Standiford takes the group through his experience when creating the Easy Beer Listener plugin for WordPress.


Alex Standiford, a developer from Canton, informed the group about the trials of creating a WordPress plugin. Some key highlights include: you’re never going to get it right the first time and that’s OK, WordPress has many shortcuts to help you, and be patient when submitting your plugin. Standiford developed the plugin Easy Beer Lister to help breweries keep an up-to-date list of their on-tap brews.



Byron Delpinal, co-organizer, introduced the group to the updated HTTP/2 specification. This talk was a bit more involved and included the history of the HTTP protocol from it’s beginnings in 1991 through today. He went through the benefits of the protocol, it’s requirements, and some architectural patterns that will help you take full advantage of the performance benefits that this specification offers. The slides for this talk can be found here.



Dave Kiss gives a tour of Zurb, a responsive system of email templates.

Dave Kiss gives a tour of Foundation for Email by Zurb, a responsive system of email templates.


Dave Kiss, a developer from Peninsula, talked to the group about a tool that he has recently found a lot of success with, Foundation for Email created by Zurb. Foundation for Email is a great way to manage your email templates. It does a lot of heavy lifting for you in terms of responsive design and email client polyfilling.


Join us for our next MeetUp on June 27th, which will be in the form of “Lean Coffee.” Lean Coffee is a fun structure that keeps the group on topic and engaged.

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Byron DelpinalFront-end Development May Meeting Recap

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