Front-end Development April Meeting Recap

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Our last meeting was a great time! We’re hoping to see you at the next one!

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Monday, April 25th, Akron’s Front-End Development micro community gathered for its first meeting. After an introduction of the co-leaders, a list of the sponsors, a brief description of the meeting and its purpose, the meeting commenced.

Attendees ranged in age, but were skewed more to the experienced side of coding. This micro-community is about learning and helping others gather information that could help them grow in their fields. We decided that a combination of a social and a round of lightning talks from co-leaders Byron and Kevin would be an appropriate balance.



Kevin Wirth teaches the group about CSS Stats, a great tool for web developers and designers.


Kevin discussed CSS Stats, a web application dedicated to breaking down the stats to a website visually. He used the example of Coffee and Code to show participants how it works. The app revealed that they have 1,030 style rules, 46 colors, and 55 font sizes among other pieces of information.

When it comes to your work, CSS Stats is a great way of narrowing down the bits of a website to help manage style maintainability and create consistency in branding.

You can find the slides for this talk here.





Aaron Newcomer talking to the crowd

Aaron Newcomer gave us an impromptu lightning talk about Font Awesome, something he uses often in his day-to-day


One of the items that sparked some conversation was Font Awesome. One participant, Zachary Blackburn, asked what this was as he had seen it used via CSSStats on the Coffee and Code website. Another participant, Aaron Newcomer, who was well-versed on the topic spoke up and gave an impromptu lightning talk on the subject.

Font Awesome is an iconic font and CSS toolkit. It allows you to have customizable, scalable vector icons at the tips of your fingertips.



Byron talking during a slide show presentation

Byron Delpinal talks to us about creating living style guides.


Byron spoke about developing a style guide for Coffee and Code and some key things to remember. Some of the big takeaways include the idea of atomic design from the perspective of both the designer and the developer.

Style guides provide you or your client value in brand continuity, developer maintainability, and forced atomic structure of your code base. 

You can find the slides for this talk here.


Our next Meetup will be Monday, May 23rd at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there!

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Byron DelpinalFront-end Development April Meeting Recap