Pitch multiple investors in a single day!

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One thing we constantly hear from founders is their frustration with the lack of capital. While great strides have been made over the years, there’s clearly still demand for additional risk capital in the Midwest. We’re trying to do our part to fix that…

We’ve brought together 8 local investors who have agreed to spend a half-day privately hearing pitches from founders at Flight! They represent multiple industry and stage focuses so it should be easy to find one who fits your niche. You won’t find this kind of opportunity anywhere else locally. So if you have a startup you’re raising capital for, you literally can’t afford to miss this!

Grab a ticket here

The investors who will be there are:

Detroit Venture Partners

Brandon Epstein from Detroit VC




Ernie Knight from Valley Growth Ventures



Rem Harris and Hardik DesaiĀ from Jumpstart



Dan Hampu from UARF and NEOSVF



Wayne Wallace from Mutual Capital Partners



Dennis Decoco from GLIDE



Wendy Jarchow from River Capital


Nicholas PetroskiPitch multiple investors in a single day!