The tech that hugs you back

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Four questions with Parihug’s Xyla Foxlin

When Xyla Foxlin, a student at Case Western, wanted a hug from her long-distance boyfriend, she turned to her penchant for robotics to solve the problem. Partnering with Harshita Gupta, then a high schooler who she met at a University of Michigan hackathon, Xyla wanted to make a teddy bear that could hug back. With a grant from the 1517 Fund, these two STEM stars turned their project into a company that has wowed audiences at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and SXSW in Austin, TX. Though Harshita is now focused on her studies at Harvard, Parihug has a growing team and is set for a crowdfunding campaign early in 2017. Xyla gave us a sneak peek at the insight she’ll share during Flight in Akron on December 2. Register for the conference at and learn about the company at

Launch League ContributorThe tech that hugs you back
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Bring on the Designtrepreneurs

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Four questions with ZoCo’s Lacey Picazo

How should she answer these questions, as entrepreneur or designer? That was the question. The fact she could respond either way is part of what makes ZoCo Design founder Lacey Picazo so special. So we encouraged her not to choose but do both as “a designer turned entrepreneur” which leads us to answers that are as insightful as they are unexpected. Just imagine what she’ll have to share at Flight in Akron on December 2. To register for the conference, visit and to find out more about ZoCo, visit

Launch League ContributorBring on the Designtrepreneurs
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Being a startup without starting your own business

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Four questions with Red Hat’s Patrick Regan

With a background in is computer science and technical operations engineering — as well as a decade of professional IT experience — Patrick Regan now works as a Cloud Specialist Solutions Architect with Red Hat Technologies. His experience as both a software and operations engineer makes him passionate about DevOps and promoting collaboration within technical organizations. For a sneak peek at what he’ll be sharing at Flight on December 2 in Akron, we asked him four questions, which he took liberties answering. To register for Flight

Launch League ContributorBeing a startup without starting your own business
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It takes a village

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Meet Komae co-founder Audrey Wallace

Audrey Wallace has found her calling. After graduating from Baldwin Wallace with a degree in psychology and communications, she floated through a few jobs in her fields of interest, but talk to her for ten seconds and you realize she’s exactly where she wants to be now. She’s an entrepreneur, which would make others cringe because of the uncertainty, the long hours, the hustle. Not Audrey.

Launch League ContributorIt takes a village
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What you can learn from HER life-changing work

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Get to know Google’s Rachel Wilkins Patel

How can you turn your personal experience into work that ripples through generations?

Cleveland-area technologist Rachel Wilkins Patel grew up in rural Ohio and had no role models in computer science but fell in love with IT at a young age anyway.

“Learning to write my own code and make my own media was like learning to ride a bike for the first time, it meant freedom to go and create anything anywhere,” Rachel says.

Launch League ContributorWhat you can learn from HER life-changing work
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From tracking group fitness to keeping that stubble right

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Meet Flight presenter and serial entrepreneur Blake Squires

So, either Blake Squires is significantly older than he looks or “serial entrepreneur” is an understatement. That’s worth noting because when he kicks off Flight, Blake brings with him the lessons and insights he’s accumulated from founding and growing seven startups that range from streaming media to a non-electric razor designed to preserve the perfect stubble when you groom that manly face art.

Launch League ContributorFrom tracking group fitness to keeping that stubble right
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Fueling the Future with Flight 2016

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The Midwest Tech Startup Conference Event of the Year – December 2, 2016 in Akron, Ohio

Every once in a blue moon, something great happens: Superman is spotted in the sky, the Millennium Falcon makes a massive comeback… and the Midwest becomes the center of the tech startup community.

Wait, what?

You heard me. The Midwest’s entrepreneurial game is strong, although many may not realize it now. This is precisely why we have partnered with influential market leaders to create the first ever Midwest tech startup conference. Our goal is to bring the scalable startup community together with the organizational and support professionals that every growing business needs to launch themselves into an enterprise.

Take Flight

Courtney GrasFueling the Future with Flight 2016
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