Battle of the Data: Analytics Edition

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Before we get into the what, let’s start with the why. Is it really that important to track my data? Why do I need analytics?

*Gasp*  Yes, it really is that important and what is even more important is tracking data over time and spotting trends.

Let’s take a closer look…


Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data; it is used to measure website, social, and/or application data to gain insights. Analytics allow you to set goals, track progress and MOST IMPORTANTLY, make data-driven decisions. With this data, you can observe patterns in data, monitor trends and make informed decisions going forward.

You’re so vain, I bet you think this data’s about you… 

Vanity Metrics are surface-level metrics, they are often large measures used to impress others, such as the number of downloads, followers or likes. These metrics are points of comparison for other people to evaluate you.

While they seem superficial, it does look good to have a high number of followers and can be used to initiate partnerships and gain a following.

The Curse of Vanity Metrics

I can see clearly now…

Clarity Metrics are operational metrics, the number of minutes a day a product actually gets used or how long it took for a user to be helped. These metrics predict future success, why a products/service will do well, NOT that it has done well. Tracking clarity metrics can be used to expand your competitive advantage.

TL:DR  Just having data isn’t enough, you need to know the why behind the numbers. Also, dig deeper to find real information, having lots of followers is cool, but if they are not converting to customers then that number doesn’t really matter.

What are your thoughts?! I would love to know what analytics you are using!

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Meghan GoetzBattle of the Data: Analytics Edition

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