April 2017 Microcommunity Recap

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Launch League Microcommunities exist to provide a place for like minded people to come together and learn from each other, while having fun and socializing. Our goal is to make friends, sharpen our professional skills, and help one another navigate the obstacles that come our way.


In April, Launch League hosted four different meetups with a total of 70 attendees across all of those. Here are our highlights:


The Akron Design Meetup was held at the OSC Tech Lab on April 20th 2017 to give constructive feedback on current projects.

In April, the Akron Design Meetup hosted a Critique Night in which attendees came prepared to show a piece of recent work and provide helpful feedback and advice to the other presenters. We aimed to provide meaningful feedback and advice (not just “It looks good” ) to improve everyone’s work overall, and we tried to facilitate conversations about why design decisions were being made for each piece shown, and what problems were being solved. Everyone that came out took part as both a presenter and critic, and there was some really great conversation taking place around the work. We’ll definitely be revisiting the Critique Night format in future meet ups.

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Front End Development

The Front End Development meetup was held at the Hudson Tech Hub on April 12th, 2017. Here is a candid photo of the group listening to a presentation by one of the members.

On April 12th, the Front End Development community co-hosted a Codepen “Bridging the Gap” meetup. The goal was to gather front end developers from both Akron and Cleveland together for a fun night of showing our work, networking, and collaborating on ideas for new or fun projects on Codepen. Several members of the meetup came prepared to show off some of the work they’ve done in the past. This ranged from a working tutorial of Javascript Promises based on an article from Mariko Kosaka, to a self-made image filter that mimicked the functionality of a couple different Instagram filters. All-in-all we were able to meet new friends, show off some of our work, and brainstorm innovative projects for the future. Big thanks to Tech Hub Hudson for hosting us!

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The Marketing meetup was held at the OSC Tech Lab on April 13th, 2017. This is a shot of the pre-talk networking portion of the evening.

A is for April and Analytics – This month the Marketing Meet-up focused on taking a deeper look at analytics.

You can track anything and we basically do! Fitbit for steps, sleep, heartrate; MyFitnessPal for food;  RunKeeper for training;  Asana for tasks; Trello for projects, I could go on and on.  Local Akron company, TinyCircuits even built a tiny GPS to track a cat! So why not track the data that can help improve your website, business, app, etc? Not all data is the same. Tracking followers is much different than tracking actual product use.  Vanity metrics are often referred to as “feel good” metrics. They are taken at face value and only show large measurements, such as number of followers, likes or downloads.  Take a step further and find out how many of the followers are actual customers, or how many of the downloads turned into repeat business. Operational metrics will not only help track conversion, it will also share the why behind the metrics.

Want more, check out the full blog post here.

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Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality meetup was held at the OSC Tech Lab on April 18th, 2017. Here’s a group member taking a virtual tour.

Virtual Reality continues to grow in Akron!  After two years of understanding and exploring the world of VR, a need in the community arose for members to create their own startups.  Then on April 18th, the Akron VR Meetup became part of the Launch League ecosystem, making it easier than ever for members to take their ideas to the next level.  Launch League’s Executive Director Courtney Gras and Akron VR’s organizer Bill Myers went through examples of how ideas can flourish and why Akron is the place to make it a reality  Huge thanks to Nick Petroski and the OSC Tech Lab for hosting the meetup and for helping to make the affiliation between the Akron VR Meetup and Launch League a match made in metaverse heaven!

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Byron DelpinalApril 2017 Microcommunity Recap